FOUND. Collection


FOUND. Collection is a proudly South African fashion label established in 2014 by Stellenbosch designers and stylists Lisa Carinus and Gitte Muller. 

“We have a very similar creative vision and share a passion for beauty, fashion and design. It is from the overflow of this passion and creativity that the FOUND. Collection was born. What started out as a small local fashion label and consulting business has grown into what the FOUND. Collection is today, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The FOUND. Collection range is feminine, timeless and wearable with a trendy edge. Most of our items are few-of-a-kind, carefully selected for the modern woman.  Firstly, we create easy-to-wear items which can be worn with basics or add interest to any outfit.

Our items seem uncomplicated but always has a special detail or surprize hidden in the design.  Secondly, we create luxury items which can be worn to the most extravagant event. These garments could also be dressed down with sneakers or jeans.

Most of these garments are luxuriously lined.  We do not design custom items.  Our leather garments are all made with the softest sheep nappa leather.  We create new patterns and designs each season and are slowly but surely building our brand to become one of South Africa’s distinct fashion labels.

  All our textiles are meticulously sourced and entrusted to a handful of local artisans. They are entrepreneurs who manage their own businesses and create job opportunities in their immediate communities.

These individuals craft each garment  with  exceptional  care.  It  is  important  to  us  that  we  support  and  uplift local  entrepreneurs  by  giving  them  greater opportunities  for growth. Each  item  is  labelled  with  all  the  necessary  information and  caring  instructions.

Our aim  is  to  inspire  our  clients  with our unique  designs  and  textiles. We  hope  and  believe that  everyone  will  find  a  good  thing  at  FOUND. Collection!”