​Loubna of Loayo Art & Creations pioneers avant-garde Afrocotoure

 Image : Bongani Tau

Image : Bongani Tau

Loubna Ayouche Combalat is a modernist and a sartorial expressionist. Taking to canvas to express her feelings and emotions about the current reality, she immerses her admires into a world reimagined by her, distorting the current reality- radically so as to produce an emotional effect that provokes certain moods & ideas. Asked about the role her past has on her work she said, “The colours, architecture and scents of Morocco have never left my imagination. I grew up in an environment where interior design is important, hand-crocheted embroidery and sewing. I have always wanted to do things differently, to stand out."

Viewing her work from a distance is the same as viewing her emotions. “Fashion is art and art is fashion”, she says. From the canvas of the artist, paintings are then digitized; this process influences the cut of the fabric and the actual design of the garment that will be created. This means that no two garments or prints will ever look the same or tell the same story. Every garment is an exclusive magna opus, first on canvas, and then on everyday wear with passion flowing from each-uncharted.

"Each painting becomes a journey where I lose all sense of reality and time and where the millennial heritage of my country remains my compass, my landmark", said the designer.

With Moroccan influences (as her place of birth), South African inspiration (currently based) and a touch of love & passion she has created a luxury womenswear range unlike any other. She is also playing her part in creating a new wave of creativity with local relevance and international competitiveness. As a radical imaginator she has leading us to an age of avant-garde Afrocotoure previously known (only) for its animal motifs & prints; bright patterns and colours.

“I wanted my collection to be a reflection of all the feelings and emotions that we experience in spring and summer seasons; freedom in movement, no inhibiting heavy clothes, flowing fabric reminiscent of the summer breeze”, she said about the inspiration behind the collection.